Tourism and tours of the Battle of the Ebro

If you are a lover of wine tourism, in Terra Alta you will find the best experiences. Surrounded by nature and the traces of the Battle of the Ebro, you can enjoy the ideal break.

Wine Designation of Origin Terra Alta

Terra Alta is a land covered in vineyards, which creates spectacular landscapes. An emerging Terra Alta Protected Designation of Origin with international recognition, local white and black Grenache grape varieties on the rise, excellent quality wines and wineries with delightful architecture are the foolproof ingredients for an unforgettable experience.

The cruel traces of history with the Battle of the Ebro

The Battle of the Ebro was a cruel and defining battle in the Spanish Civil War. The old village of Corbera d’Ebre is a living testimony of that time, together with the network of museums distributed throughout the region and the battle locations recovered by the COMEBE, including trenches, bunkers and lookout points. Recent history that still marks the character of the Terra Alta.

The pleasure of enjoying nature of the Terres de l'Ebre

We wish to awaken our visitors’ feelings, enjoying the unique features of a natural and humanized landscape, monuments and villas that are full of history and legends, country traditions and products that define the character of these lands.

Tourist routes and professional services of the highest quality

You can enjoy the experiences that Terra Alta offers you to the full with the services provided by the following partners

  • ViOrigen

    ViOrigen is a project which is linked to the Terra Alta’s wine sector and is run by three friends who are enthusiastic about vineyards, wines and their local surroundings. ViOrigen came into being in the spring of 2014, aimed at creating links between wineries and visitors to the Terra Alta. This region boasts a cultural, natural and gastronomic heritage which we wish to show to people in an easy and attractive way.

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    Terra Enllà, guided tours

    Terra Enllà provides guided routes along the sites of the battle of the Ebro and the Civil War in the Terres de l’Ebre and the Priorat. It offers a monthly calendar of guided routes and additional routes are also available upon request. The range of activities on offer is wide and varied, from Memory and Wine Routes - a fusion of wine tourism and Battle of the Ebro sites -, to walking history tours of Corbera d’Ebre, Gandesa, Miravet, Tortosa etc. , cycle tours, hill walking, gastronomy and varied cultural activities.

  • Tarvitur

    Tarvitur is a cultural guide initiative in the region of Tarragona created to provide a series of experiences to get to know this region better.
    It offers our guided tours in the region of Terra Alta (Gandesa, Horta de Sant Joan, Corbera d’Ebre and the sites of the Battle of the Ebro) and along the shores of the Ebro (Miravet, Móra d'Ebre and Cardó).
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